"If it measures good and sounds bad, it is bad.
If it sounds good and measures bad, you've measured the wrong thing."

Declaration of Purpose


Tweak-Fi is intended to be a place where people can discuss freely about their audiophile hobby.  Below are some general guidelines that the members of this site have to follow:


1. The purpose of this website is to enhance, by any means possible, the listening experience of the members.

It is often forgotten that the main goal of this hobby is not some flat frequency response measurement or a result of a DBT study but rather the pleasure we get from listening.


2. “Thread crapping” will be banned: For those who don’t know, thread crapping occurs when a person comes into a thread and posts something contrary to the spirit/intent of the thread, often derailing the discussion or turning it into an argument.

This doesn’t prevent people from having different opinions but the repeated and systematic interruption of the flow of discussions and the general spirit of this website will lead to instant ban.


3. Promoting or bashing any piece of equipment that you do not have a personal experience of will lead to a ban.


4. Manufacturers & Audio professionals are allowed, like anybody else, to post in the forum section of Tweak-Fi provided their signature (and profile) shows clearly who they are so that people can take the necessary precautions evaluating their comments. I believe that some “Pros” are a wealth of information in their personal areas of expertise and that such a source shouldn’t be discarded.

I trust that the average reader of this website will know how to take the comments of the Pros into perspective.

“Pros” can talk about their products when asked about it. Otherwise, they should keep their comments about generalities. Any non-ethical behaviour will lead to a ban.


5. Most importantly, we should respect a person's opinion and findings, based on his system and tests, but should not accept abuse, foul language or acidic/nasty comments. 

Humor is most welcome and essential! 


These guidelines are here to give a better understanding of the spirit of this website. Many people (including me) have fled other forums because discussions over there have become very difficult to deal with. There is usually a very low signal-to-noise-ratio when reading about threads.


This website is intended to give an alternative by offering a more serene and freer environment than other forums. Paradoxically, to allow that “free” flow of discussions, it is necessary to set some ground rules that will prevent a portion of (unwanted) people from posting and systematically derailing threads.